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Welcome to the DIRECTV Developer Platform

Innovate the future of television

DIRECTV's Developer Platform provides the tools to build the television experiences of tomorrow. Directly control DIRECTV devices from within the home or on-the-go. Deep link into DIRECTV's smartphone, web and tablet applications to launch full-length movies and TV programs. Build HTML5 apps for TVs in customers' homes.


    With DIRECTV's set-top box APIs, you can directly control our set-top boxes over the local network. From within the home, your app can change the channel on the set-top box and send remote-control commands. Synchronize the second-screen by detecting the currently viewed program and the time elapsed within the show.

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    Create innovative interactive video experiences on DIRECTV devices through our HTML5 platform. Using the common tools and languages of the Internet, build immersive applications for the biggest screen in the home. Design interfaces that enhance broadcast video and integrate broadband-delivered content.

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    Enable video discovery for DIRECTV customers on every site and every app. Offer recording of DIRECTV programs and movies within your app. Help customers find and download VOD content to their DVRs or watch streaming video through the DIRECTV mobile, tablet and web applications. Integrate DIRECTV's on-demand catalog listings into your own discovery experience.

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